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Ergonomic Office & Computer Furniture Supplies offers ergonomic chairs, computer keyboards, mouse-mice, workstations, product accessories, carpal tunnel syndrome info, ergonomics software, and ergonomic consulting services.

Office Ergonomics is the science of fitting the workspace environment to the worker.  Also called biotechnology, human engineering or human factor engineering, office ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design for the office that is intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

Anyone who sits at a computer for long periods of time must take a pro-active approach with office ergonomics to prevent the physical problems they could face as a result.

More than 28 million Americans use computers each day according to officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  When office ergonomics is not applied many risk incurring carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, deQuervain’s syndrome, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome and others, all commonly classed under the general heading of Repetitive Strain Injuries and Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common and costly cumulative trauma disorder. Back injuries are second

With workplace ergonomics, employers can prevent musculoskeletal disorder hazards by properly designing the job or work station and selecting the appropriate tools or equipment for that job to create an ergonomic office.

Office ergonomics offers ways to solve, or alleviate, most of the problems associated with the use of computers. Ergonomic office solutions include adjusting and controlling the physical environment, the design of the desk and chair, the placement of the screen and keyboard, the position of the document, and the placement and intensity of office lighting.

Alleviation of health problems utilizes office ergonomics principles, which entail the planning and adapting of equipment, tasks and office procedures to promote well-being and efficiency of workers. Office ergonomics is in its essence the study of comfort in the work environment. Office ergonomics is the art of accommodating the workplace to the needs of the worker’s body.

Office ergonomics recommends the use of an ergonomic mouse which is designed to minimize the stress on the hand and is therefore an ergonomic preventative tool. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, good ergonomics is good economics, and in light of the increasing Repetitive Strain Injuries associated with the use of the computer mouse in the modern office, the ergonomic mouse is one of the most important ergonomic office tools to invest in today.

Office ergonomics proposes an ergonomic keyboard as the answer to a host of postural and repetitive stress injuries endured by users of traditional keyboards. An ergonomic office keyboard does not require significant pronation of the hands or abduction of the elbows, permits the shoulders to be comfortably relaxed while the wrists are not extended or adducted and allows all fingers, including the little finger, to make extension and flexion movements from resting position to depress the keys. This ergonomic design, permits the hands to rest on suitable support surfaces causing no pressure increase in the carpal tunnel.

Office ergonomics makes an ergonomic chair an imperative in today’s office because people who sit for long periods are at risk for back disorders. Millions of people are suffering from the effects of improper and incorrect seating at the computer, and billions of dollars are lost in time off from work and money spent on doctors and hospital bills.   A properly designed chair is essential to an ergonomic computer workstation in the ergonomic office. It affects posture, circulation, pressure on the spine, and comfort. Poor chair design is one of the most significant causes of musculoskeletal stresses and strains. In an ergonomic office an employer can dramatically improve productivity and minimize downtime of employees by providing proper ergonomic chairs that are comfortable and user friendly.

Office Ergonomics adhere to sound ergonomic principles in designing ergonomic office workstations. The workplace ergonomics of the workstation increases worker productivity by minimizing fatigue and strain, eliminating wasted motion, and improving comfort. An ergonomic workstation adjusts and controls the physical environment, the design of the desk and chair, the placement of the screen and keyboard, the position of the document, and the placement and intensity of office lighting. When workstation office ergonomics are applied, most of the problems that people encounter at standard computer workstations such as neck, shoulder, back pain, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, which often results from long term computer use, are solved or at least alleviated

A fundamental principle of office ergonomics is to incorporate rest periods in the course of the workday. Ergonomics in the workplace allows approximately 5 minutes break for every hour of work, and a 15 minute break every two hours. Stretching all of the muscles used to perform ones job has now been proven to be vital in preventing a host of undesirable Repetitive Stress injuries.

Office ergonomics utilizes many ergonomic products made to interface between man and machine so that the physical capacity of the worker and the demands of the job are equalized. Much suffering and cost is avoidable with office ergonomics through good computer ergonomic workplace design, teaching employees the basic principles of office ergonomics and computer workstation ergonomics, providing ergonomic computer furniture, and ergonomic computer accessories and products and encouraging good work habits, such as frequent breaks.

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Goldtouch Keyboard - USB
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The Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard can help to reduce repetitive stress injuries due to the reduced load in the muscles involved in carpal tunnel syndrome.
[more info]
RollerBar Pro

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The Contour RollerMouse Station is a computer keyboard, gel, wrist rest with an integrated optical input device.
[more info]
Evoluent Vertical Mouse
our price:

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse v.2 is one of our newest ergonomic office supplies. It is an alternative mouse that incorporates neutral posture ergonomics with modern day optical ingenuity in an easy to use ergonomic mouse.
[more info]
Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard
our price:

The Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard has a more sensible layout with the numeric keypad on the left so your mouse may be much closer on the right.
[more info]


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